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Citrus juice enhances soups, marinades, dressings, desserts and let's not forget cocktails. There are three tools that help me make the most out of citrus: a citrus press, a zester and a fine microplane grater. I use the press to add fresh juice to my food, and to my cocktails. I use the zester when I want long strands of visible zest and the microplane when I want fine bits of zest. Both the zester and the microplane are particularly effective in making zest with no bitter pith. If I had to choose, I would purchase the press and the microplane first. My favorites herbs include mint, basil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, parsley, oregano, chervil, tarragon, cumin, dill, bay leaves and za'atar, which is actually a blend of herbs and seeds.

Smoked Spanish paprika, ginger, sumac, turmeric, vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg are some of my go-to spices. Herbs and spices not only add flavor, but many have profound health benefits.

Yellow onions, white onions, red onions, sweet onions, shallots, chives and leeks all add great flavor to food. The interesting thing about onions is they change so much when they are cooked. Raw onions are sharp, strong, astringent and crunchy. Cook them and they become sweet, mellow and even caramel-like. It is hard to believe raw onions and cooked onions are both onions.

Garlic, also an allium, behaves a lot like onions in that raw garlic is pungent, sharp and gives off a burn. Garlic and onions have the power to add enormous flavor to food, but eating these alliums also provides numerous health benefits. Onion enhances immunity, regulates blood sugar, reduces inflammation, encourages the production of HDL (good cholesterol) and has anti-cancer properties. Garlic is no slouch either. Garlic provides numerous cardiovascular benefits, protects against cancer, is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and may play a role in regulating fat cells. To get the full health benefits of onions and garlic, please skip buying pre-cut onions and garlic. Seriously, you will not get the flavor, nor the health benefits from these pre-cut products.

All produce degrades after it has been cut, plus many of these pre-cut products have additives that do you no good.

To get the most benefit from eating garlic, allow garlic to rest 5 - 10 minutes after it is chopped or pressed before you cook with it. Once garlic's cell walls are broken down, allyl sulfide is produced which is thought to provide potent anti-cancer benefits.

Still really hate chopping onions and garlic. With a push of a button everything is chopped in seconds. Just remember to pulse so your don't over chop the onions. Eggs do so many great things for food. Just adding a poached or fried egg to a salad, pasta or hash makes a good dish into a delectably satisfying dish. The nutritional information on eggs is changing. Once thought to be hugely contributory to high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, eggs are now back in our good graces. Can you imagine all those years when we thought it was healthy to eat egg white omelettes.

We were actually throwing out the best, most nutritious part of the egg. Cheese is delicious by itself, but also enhances everything from soup, to salads, to sandwiches, to burgers, to gratins, and even makes the crusts of some roasts all the better. And there are so many phenomenal cheeses to be eaten. Cheese is incredible, and from my point of view should be eaten frequently. It add so much umami and deliciousness to everything it touches. Yep, there is a lot of truth to the adage "everything is better with bacon. A crumble here and a crumble there always takes a dish up a notch. Use a bit of bacon to garnish soups and salads and add to sandwiches and pasta. I am a particular fan of American thick-cut bacon, but I love bacon's Italian cousins pancetta and prosciutto as well as Spain's Serrano ham.

No, I am not going to spend a lot of time trying to convince you that bacon is healthy. Talk about super healthy ways to add cs max money, I am not sure the roasted tomato can be beat. Even so-so tomatoes turn into something magical when you roast them. I roast a batch of roma tomatoes regularly and store them in the fridge. I serve them as an accompaniment to meat and chicken, and throw them into salads, soups, pasta and sandwiches. See my posts for a slow-roasting method and a quick-roasting method. This includes Thai fish sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Both are made from sardines and give foods an umami pop.

In Thai cooking fish sauce is often mixed with lime juice, sugar and chilis, for a complex, balanced, delicious flavor profile. I like Three Crab Fish Sauce and Red Boat Fish Sauce, but always pick up something new when I shop at Asian markets. I'm kind of cheating by combining these two ingredients into one, but vinegar is an ingredient in mustard, so I can rationalize putting these two together. Mustard enhances salad dressings and sandwiches, but cd money in can you lose a can read more used to enhance a lot of other dishes, like Wine-poached salmon with mustard and brown sugar glaze. Dragonlore kaufen is a fermented product that adds zip and brightness to food.

Here vinegars, like balsamic vinegar, are rich in umami. Ground, crushed, dried or fresh peppers and chilies go a long way to give our food zip, interest and heat. I keep a bottle of crushed red pepper flakes handy and add them to just about everything. Then there are the great Asian chili pastes. I am particularly fond of Sambal Oelek, brought to us by the manufacturers of Sriracha and aleppo pepper, a Turkish crushed chili pepper with a flavor similar to ancho chili. Fat enhances the flavor of food and makes food satisfying.


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