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Ghost Restaurant: A ghost restaurant is a restaurant that is usually empty and generates almost all of its revenue through food delivery. Gueridon Service: This term usually refers to tableside food preparation. This requires that a gueridon (trolley) is used to transport ingredients to a guest table where a dish is prepared live for the customer. Happy Hour: Happy hours are ways for restaurants to drive more traffic into their restaurant during their off peak hours.

Most of the time happy hour offers include free drinks, a free dish, discounts, or even a free meal. In the Weeds: In the weeds is a term that refers to both the front and back of house staff and it is used to describe a situation where the kitchen staff is pressed for time and required to do a huge task such as dropping the check to 12 tables at once.

They usually include a fun toy or something to entertain a child. Line Cook: Line cooks are tasked with preparing ingredients and assembling dishes according the the restaurant recipes. Main Course: The main course section of a menu displays dishes that are the main focus of a meal. Usually follows an appetizer. Meat and Three: This type of restaurant offering is exclusive to the Southern United States and refers to a set menu where your customer can choose one meat and three side dishes for a special price.

Menu: A menu at a restaurant is a list of everything that your establishment can serve to your customers. This usually includes pictures and descriptions of each dish to entice your customers to make an order. Mise en Place: This is a french term which refers to "putting everything in place" and is most commonly referenced when kitchen staff are required to follow a certain procedure before being able to start cooking.

Monkey Dish: A small dish that is used to serve condiments or nuts. It can also be used to dispose of bones when eating meat. No-Show: A guest that makes a reservation at your restaurant and then doesn't show up. Omakase: Coming from the Japanese term which means "Leave it up to you", Omakase refers to when customers let the chef choose the course of their meal as opposed to ordering each dish a la carte. One Bowl with Two Pieces: This term is primarily used in China and refers to ordering a pot of tea along with two dim sum.

Online Food Delivery: Ordering food from a restaurant online, whether that be from a restaurant website or restaurant aggregator app. Overhead: Overhead refers to any additional factors that go into calculating food cost at your restaurant.

This includes the electricity that is required to prepare a dish, the cost of labor, and even shipping costs. Push It: Selling a particular item. Actively trying to get rid of stock of one particular dish. Quote: When a restaurant is busy, a quote time is the time that a member of restaurant staff tells a customer they will need to wait before being able to get a table.

Runner: A person whose job is not to be assigned to certain tables such as servers, but rather to just run back and forth between the kitchen and dining room delivering dishes. Serving Cart: A serving cart is a small cart that is used to help transport dishes to a table. Sometimes a serving cart is even used to display certain items. Shelf Life: How long a particular ingredient can sit on the shelf before losing quality or expiring. Shorting: When a supplier charges a restaurant a larger amount than the cost of the products they've received. Sidework: Busy work that is done by the front-of-house staff that is required to keep the restaurant operational. Includes drying and polishing silverware, refilling salt and pepper shakers, refilling toothpicks and napkins. Signature Visit web page A signature dish is a menu item that is a gveaway of the restaurant or particular chef.

Sizzle Platter: A heavy duty metal plate that is used to serve sizzling dishes such as fajitas or nachos. Really good at maintaining heat. Sommelier: An employee whose siin is siin. Usually the one to make recommendations to customers about which wine pairs best with their dish of choice. SOS: Check this out abbreviation for "sauce on the side". Sous-Chef: The second in command at your kitchen. The sous chef will be in charge when your main chef is off. Starch: Starch refers to starchy sides such gk rice, potatoes and pasta as alternatives to vegetables. Stretch It: Something that is done when a restaurant is running low on a certain ingredient, and they do whatever they can to "stretch" whatever is left to last them the entire night.

Table reservation: A table reservation refers to when a customer calls or makes a booking online in advance to guarantee that a table will be available /action/dragon-lore-pattern.html them when they arrive. Table Sharing: Table sharing is when a restaurant will seat multiple parties at the same or adjoined tables. Table Turns: Table turns refers to the number of times that a specific table has gone through givaway entire meal process (from being seated to paying) each shift. Take-Out: When a customer orders food giveaqay your restaurant with the intention of eating it somewhere else.

Tare: The weight of the container that a product is delivered in, this number should givaway subtracted from giveaaay total weight of the product as to pay for an accurate weight. Three Martini Lunch: Check this out special restaurant offering that usually takes place around noon in the United States and is primarily catered towards business people and lawyers.

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